Aradash Adventures Science How to measure mass without applying forces

How to measure mass without applying forces


In order to measure mass without applying force, you would need to use a device or method that relies on a property of the object that is related to its mass, but does not require physical contact or force to be applied.

One such method is to use the principle of resonance. This method is commonly used to measure the mass of objects such as coins, which have a regular shape and size. To use this method, you would suspend the object from a string or wire and gently tap it, causing it to vibrate. By measuring the frequency of the resulting vibrations, you can calculate the mass of the object based on the known properties of the string or wire.

Another method is to use gravitational forces. This can be done by measuring the gravitational attraction between the object and another known mass, such as the Earth or another planet. This method requires very sensitive equipment and is typically used in scientific research rather than everyday measurements.

In general, it is difficult to measure mass without applying some kind of force or interaction with the object being measured. However, by using indirect methods like resonance or gravitational forces, it is possible to make accurate measurements without directly applying force to the object.

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