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     I'm used to handling difficult situations but this one was a nightmare.
     I was a successful athlete, an academic, ran my own computer business but then I 
     decided to start a new career as an artist.
     My biggest frustration was to create portraits and landscapes with the correct perspective and accuracy.
     Earlier in my career, I placed a blank piece of canvas on our dining room table and sketched a portrait of my wife. Then, painted over the drawing with acrylic paint.
     This was a frustrating exercise since the canvas kept moving around. So, I fixed the canvas to the table with masking tape.
     I had just finished painting and my wife walked in and asked me to remove my artwork from the table. "Time to eat!" , she says
     Reluctantly, , I loosen the tape, pick up my painting and it slips out my hands and flips upside down onto the floor. I picked it up and my wife says "Is that supposed to be me?".
     I was offended, but then realised the angle I was working at created a distorted image coupled with a smudged image and a paint smear on the carpet.
     This was the point I knew I had to find a solution.
     After dinner, my wife and I sat down to watch a Bob Ross art painting program on TV.
     That is when things became clear. I had to use an easel to hold the canvas in the correct and fixed position!
     I watched eagerly, as Bob Ross stood upright and attached a canvas and then tilted it to the ideal position.
     He began effortlessly preparing the canvas and painted a scenery.
     All his painting tended to have the right perspective and looked so easy to do. 
     So, I followed his painting programs and purchased a Bob Ross easel. 
     Two years later, I'm still rolling out paintings on the easel.
     To find Bob Ross's easel and training programs, click on this link.
     It could make your art career more pleasant!
  • Painting Portraits in Watercolour

    I was reading a book by Mary Whyte “Painting Portraits and Figures in Watercolor” and was quite impressed with her ability to express the loving moods and ambience in her beautiful and colourful paintings. She says “The colors I prefer to use are largely transparent and lend themselves to painting portraits”. Should you be interested in a list of the colours please send an email to me, colin@aradash.co.uk. I might also be able to source the paints.

  • Petrol Prices are going Crazy!


  • Exploring National Trust Sites (UK)
    Our kids did something special for Wendy and myself! They purchased a year’s membership to the National Trust.

    So, what’s the excitement all about? Well, this allows Wendy and myself to adventure into over 6000 sites in the UK, not for general public use. The purpose of the National Trust is to protect and care for nature and beauty, This also means preserving history by looking after grand houses, gardens, landscapes, collections of art, and personal treasures, the mills and mines, ruined castles, mysterious ancient sites, and people’s homes, that are like precious time capsules.

    It’s all about connecting with the past and sensing it.

    Their website is nationaltrust.org.uk/access. Can’t wait to meet up with you!

  • Professional art paints UK

    Professional art paints UK:

    Whether you want to top up your watercolour paints, professional art paints the UK, enliven your brushes, or pleasure yourself to a new easel; you will discover just what you want in the Aradash. Moreover, we professionally standardise our systems to imitate excellent colour. Our cutting-edge large-format printers print at 2400 dpi using a 12-colour colour ink structure. For flat advancements, deep blacks, and an inspiring colour series – with up to 99% Pantone exposure.

    Aradash team are continually on hand to help if you need further guidance so. Please do visit us at our website or give us a call if you have any queries. Moreover, we are proud to help expert art supplies London to artists, amateur fans and students. Alike, are at all times pleased to meet you all! We hope to preserve an online occurrence with our core variety of art supplies London for which we are recognised.

    Our advanced print software prints are piercing, thorough, and energetic. We make the most of the colour range for every paper. In fact, we offer and capture exposed shadow features, authentic blues, and natural skin tones for every image we print. Please select from a variety of ten lovely fine art papers and print full-frame. With an edge in any colour; we gift to offer modified sizes to the mm. Moreover, sensibly packed flat or in tubes, we can send solitary prints or big batches of giclee prints to terminuses. Upload your image using our automatic showing system or the Aradash website shortcut to place your order.

    Select Carefully developed to offer fine quality Aradash Materials:

    Our variety has been carefully developed to provide top excellent art materials at a reasonable fee.  We paintings at once with a few of the global’s leading manufacturers. Professional artists to make sure our substances deliver first-rate effects always – and that is why it’s our most famous variety.

    Our artists had been carefully chosen not handiest for their consummate technical ability but also for their creative ‘eye’ – that uncommon potential to understand and capture the unique expression, moment, mindset, or play of light that is portrayed as genuinely great. Do you’ve to get a fantastic sense of abstract artwork?  Or a favourite theme, fashion or artwork movement? At Aradash, we’ll make sure you get precisely what you are searching for. Not sure what could appear excellent in your private home?


    Philip Guston said, “Painting looks like an odd phenomenon that I want to have repeatedly.” We’ve got the paint for you, whether you’re somewhat knowledgeable about this upshot or need to give painting energy. We stock the premium quality paints selected to bring you the best art prints at the lowest possible charges, whether you work in oils, acrylic, watercolour or gouache.

    Our significant variety covers Artists’ professional art paints the UK from leading brands and brilliant value packs and Student Quality colourations that constitute brilliant value. Our variety of painting accessories will make portraying even more of a pleasure, so explore our canvases, paintbrushes, mediums and easels and equip yourself with the lot you need.

    Aradash has several compensations over other print methods, counting:

    1. They offer an excellent answer for artists and photographers who no longer desire to go to the rate of mass-generating their paintings using Litho but choose to print on demand.

    2. Print-on-demand way an unmarried artwork may made available in several papers and finishes. Also, a mile more significant number of matt papers to pick from, incorporating extraordinary weights, textures and whiteness.

    3. The cutting-edge Aradash professional art paints the UK provide greater accuracy and intensity of colour, ensuring faithful reproductions of originals. There are more bright and saturated shades than C-Type or digital offset because of the colourful pigments used to make up the inks.

    Four. Better toughness; an Aradash will outsurvive a lithographic print and different technologies with the aid of up to 6 instances.

    5. Aradash are extensively familiar with the aid of artwork consumers, galleries and museums as archival, collectable pieces.

  • UK artists painters

    UK artists painters

    Art is a pure reflection of the artist’s nature and internal intern UK artists painters ational. We had been continually certified ourselves as experimentation. A hunter for new and thrilling art strategies, expressions in specific mediums and materials. Each day we’re getting to know and exploring something new to us. Which we take a look at, follow and broaden.

    Our art is a metaphor of vision of life – high quality, dynamic and accessible, clean, and pureness of excessive hues are the primary materials of my artistic endeavours, colourful and occasionally even architectural. Our UK artists painters are captivated with the use of more formidable and brighter colourations to create the concern in fantastic intact harmony and sensation.

    Supplying Artists Everywhere:

    Our clients are creatives with a fantastic frame of labour. We constantly enjoy the possibility to look at what you create with our merchandise. Whether you’re a hobby artist or a professional, we purpose to provide you with satisfactory products to fit your medium. What’s extra, our UK artists painters ensure that you’re by no means stored waiting too lengthy in your substances. With the merchandise shipped within 24 hours and loose UK delivery on orders over £50. Our online art store has a fantastic variety of merchandise that may be with you speedy and affordably. So if you’re seeking out art materials online inside the UK. Aradash provides you with an excellent range of pleasant merchandise from leading artwork brands.

    If you’re in London, then please experience free to come along to one in every one of our shops and say howdy. Our friendly in-save teams encompass artists. Also, art lovers throughout the board, always geared up to provide excellent recommendations and recommendations for your needs.

    Our art and artists online:

    We’ve newly efficient how we present our artists and Variety online, and we’d love to know what you think. We’ve transformed our search, our painter pages and our pages for paintings, sculptures, artists’ letters and books and agreed on these into the heart of our website. You’ll now understand the Collection popping up all across the site. You’ll also discover better images, and these are obtainable to download wherever possible on a Creative Commons licence.

    Art Supplies:

    Explore our variety of art supplies, with all you’ll want for every art medium you can come up with! You’ll find all from essential acrylic paints and watercolour pans to canvases, easels, sketchbooks, paintbrushes, palettes, pouring medium, resin and beyond.

    Free displays of art and architecture:

    All over the UK you’ll discover free displays of art and construction. Moreover, our three-part series on The Making of an Artist travels how previous artists’ peers learnt about architecture, academics to draw and took stimulus from great artworks by past masters.

    In Aradash, audiences are invited to involve with state-of-the-art and critical philosophies on architecture, visual arts and modern culture. At the same time, the Aradash offers its own space for public projects.

    Who are we?

    We are an Academy

    Our UK artists painters have a lot in mutual with academies and other galleries. Still, as an Academy, we have a broader role – to encourage the gratitude and consideration of art and its practice.

    Artists lead us

    Just as our creators proposed, we are still led by many of the utmost artists and designers of the day. Each Aradash Academician must be a practising artist, chosen by their aristocracies to acknowledge their work. Our Academicians signify many diverse viewpoints, but we all share a profound promise to art and a strong belief in artists’ influence on the world.

    Helping you discover gifted artists:

    Aradash team always foundations new talent. Our specialists attend art fairs, trade shows and shows, but they also paint the web to carry you a quality range of art. Our gallery is home to various creations, including mediums such as paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, engravings, watercolours, prints, and mixed media. Whether you’re drawn to symbolic, abstract, impersonator, theoretical, geometric, urban or any art in between, the Aradash collection is sure to have somewhat to match your exclusive style.

  • Quality art easels UK

    Quality art easels UK:

    The Variety is well known for its Arts & Crafts department and good aim. We have a vast range of quality art easels UK supplies for skilled artists and the potential novices of the art world. If you are a painter, our painting supplies will make your emotion chant. With paintbrushes for all finances and oil paints, watercolours or acrylic paints in all colours. Our variety of easels will make your subsequent work of art relaxed to generate, whatever your art style. Try sketching and drawing with pencils, charcoal, chalk and pastels on our extensive series of canvas and paper. Keep your art in unspoiled form with our portfolios and other art storing solutions. If print and calligraphy are further your styles. We have a range of inks and nibs, pens and brushes to seamless your penmanship strokes.

     Precede, shop The Variety arts supplies and let reveal the secreted talent in you!

    Best Easels are painstaking the best-crafted easel in manufacturing. Initially established for the expert artist who required a made-to-order easel. They have to linger the line to comprise well-made artist easels for every budget. We identify that art isn’t only drawing, sketching and painting on paper or canvas. So we have an assortment of forming and sculpting supplies. From plaster of Paris latex to modelling clay and even papier-mache unicorns for kids’ art & dexterities projects.

    With wooden and aluminium quality art easels UK and extensile, folding and portable options, rest guaranteed you can discover the ideal artist easel to support your work! You’ll also find choices for tabletop easel stands, box easels and studio easels. Whether you work best comfortable, from a studio or outdoors, treasure the support for you.

    What styles are obtainable in quality art easels UK for sale?

    Striking designs in practical artist’s easels that are obtainable on the customer market comprise the following:

    • Wooden H-frame standing easel – This attractive new artist’s easel style with a close front storage bin and tray is a mutual category of moveable floor design for equally indoor and outdoor use. It is frequently made from beechwood with gentle steel fixtures to make upended at your easel to draw and paint a relaxed and agreeable experience. Moreover, this often-used H-frame design features beneficial knobs for easy regulating your easel height and painting tilt angle. It can be started amid used artist’s easels for sale.
    • Portable large tripod easel – This new and handy art quality art easels UK design is standard for table and desktop drawing, sketch, or painting. It can cast off indoors and outdoors and made of hard-wearing beechwood. This fine-looking easel style is also appropriate for bestowing floor-standing displays of your painting in your studio or a gallery location, and it can be got as a new or rummage-sale easel.
    • Adjustable wooden tabletop easel – This artist’s easel style is a sensible choice for all kinds of drawing and painting. It has built of striking and durable beechwood but frivolous for moving or storing. This easel design frequently has three or four adjustable gear settings and bids easy use. It typically has three-tiered, drawer-style storage areas, which you will discover very beneficial. As this easel style can set up and reserved down easily and fast, it is of prodigious help when you travel or paint outdoors.
  • Gallery art supplies UK

    Aradash is an independent provider of modern gallery art supplies UK. Moreover, with studio spaces in the UK, we pride ourselves. On recognising able artists from around the world and showing them in excellent environs. Our insistent devotion to customer service has gathered us a desirable reputation. Servicing customers all over the UK through our simple to use website. We aim to make art purchasing a pleasurable and hassle-free experience. Our app Visualizer is a pioneering innovation that supports you in precisely seeing any piece in your home. It will variation the way you buy art!

    Get imaginative | Best artist easels for each kind of art:

    Wooden, collapsible, tabletop, aluminium, extendable, and portable. How do you choose the best easel for you? Well, it rests on what you want to use it for. And where. Whether you are an art scholar, expert painter or need to have some entertaining being imaginative, an easel will make your life much informal. It will also make your effort healthier. Standing back from an easel lets you see it with a viewpoint and a perilous eye. Although, we know that selecting your easel can be awe-inspiring, with many to choose from. To help you out, we have itemised the best artist easels for sale, considering what you might need to use them for.

    Our Gallery has been established in the heart of The famous Tracks for several years. Becoming one of the foremost contemporary art shops. Aradash signifies a diverse range of national and international artists. Showcasing a wide range of original art at reasonable prices.

    Our goal is to alter buying and get art into a pleasant and unforgettable experience in a friendly atmosphere. We are determined to help our clients discover the solution that best fits their acquisitions purposes and wants. Aradash is dedicated to heartening everybody. To realise their imaginative talents because we believe in the power of art, and we know the liberty and joy it conveys.

    Aradash is dedicated to heartening everybody to realise their inspired talents because we believe in the power of art, and we know the liberty and joy that it carries. Whether you’re 3 or 103, an art apprentice, expert artist or someone. Who needs to pick up a paintbrush for the first time, we believe that art must be reachable to all.

    We stock top quality art supplies from the world’s foremost brands like Faber-Castell, Winsor & Newton, and Daler Rowney and offer them at the lowest prices. Although, from oil canvas to watercolour, pencils and sketchbooks, acrylic paint, and pens, we stock a variety of gallery art supplies in the UK in our shops and online.

    Our Community:

    Jane Fisher is a graduate in fine arts and a talented professional artist. Moreover, who divides her time between her artistic endeavours and her work at Aradash and the rest of our team simply love what we ensure. In fact, they struggle to offer an unmatched variety of art materials and provisions, with friendly and well-versed advice. A warm welcome to experts and amateurs alike. There is a community feel and a lively atmosphere at Aradash, so artists travel to visit us from far and wide to find the materials and advice they need. Together with a liberal dose of creative inspiration!

    Our Invitation to You:

    Aradash over just a store and more than just a place. By visiting us at Aradash, you ask to join our all-inclusive community of networks online or via our social media folios. Also, we are sure that you will discover all you need and more to motivate you in your work and to feel that you are part of our encouraged team! Aradash is all about artists working with artists, and we would please if you would join us!

    A quick phone call to us is all its receipts to identify if we stock a particular brand or specific product. And we’re constantly happy to order an item or. Hold an element for you until you can call in to gather it. We also have loads of supplementary products. Like erasers, glue, spray paint, tapes, sharpeners– and a great assortment of art products for children! If you have a query about our gallery art supplies UK or would like to standby something to collect in-store, we would love to assist.

  • Art supplies London

    Art supplies London.

    If you’re looking for art supplies London, please check out our affordable collections for anyone. We also offer an easel in a wide variety and unique two models. Both models have intended for expert and thoughtful unprofessional artists who paint in oil, acrylic, or pastel. Aradash offers you two very significant features and a crowd of lesser details to make your painting time more creative and pleasant. You won’t discover another expert artist studio easel for sale that comes near to carrying the worth found in the Aradash. Find the vast and perfect art supplies in London with us.

    We are a self-governing business based in the UK. Our art shop now well-loved and appreciated by amateur and expert artists alike. We select our stock prudently and, especially, we struggle to deliver a well-informed and friendly service.  Please email us if you would like to purchase something from us through our website or want some advice about art materials. We would pay close attention to you…

    Passionate Artists Helping the Artistic Community:

    Every member of Aradash Art’s welcoming, well-informed and friendly team is a gifted artist. Through our passion and know-how. We have made an outstanding assortment of art materials and supplies for both amateur and skilled artists all-inclusive. Working from the spectacular Aradash, our complete art supplies London. Range have backed by a well-organized and informative service that has expanded a good reputation through the artistic community.

    Art Supplies – All You Want and More:

    At Aradash, you will discover an inspiring variety of art supplies. This including paints, canvases, brushes, varnishes, and papers, plus art equipment and fixtures. Such as art books, portfolios, portfolio gears and those out-of-the-way stretcher bars in extents up to 3 meters. Our gift receipts are the seamless solution if you would like to treat creative family and friends. We also bring you exclusive and hard basis art materials from across London. We are proud to feature important art papers and give you the chance to mix and tie these, and we are pleased to offer excellent Belgian linen endorsed in Florence schools of art but is very hard to source elsewhere.

    Fast and Well-organized Deliveries:

    Once you have started what you are looking for, we know that you will want to get imaginative as soon as possible! Orders ship in appropriate style through our fast and efficient delivery network. 

    We Are Always Here to Help You:

    Aradash team are continually on hand to help if you need further guidance so, please do visit us at our website or give us a call if you have any queries. We are proud to help expert art supplies London to artists, amateur fans and students alike and are at all times pleased to meet you all! We hope to preserve an online occurrence with our core variety of art supplies London for which we are recognised.

    Come and Join Us!

    We vaunt Aradash studio at the delightfully characterful place rented to artists and hosts a diversity of thought-provoking and informative courses and workshops for artists of all aptitudes. Although, we also have our spectacular Studio obtainable for hire, perfect for artists, creatives or corporate organisations. We would be happy if you would come and join our community, so do communicate to see what’s happening here at Aradash.

  • Paintings & Prints of paintings coming soon. Please click on the Instagram link on the right hand side of our webpage to see typical paintings in the meantime
  • Black Friday Specials

    Now’s time to grab those specials!

    If something is not on our website, please let us know. We’ll see if we’re able to assist you and / or add it to our website

  • Cheap Store Paints?

    I was asked by one of our prospective customers:

    “What is the difference between your paints and paints purchased from a general store?”

    Well, I had not tested General Store paints and replied “I’m not sure, but as an artist I will test a few”

    So, off I went to a few stores and purchased 10 acrylic paints

    red, blue, green, yellow, brown, pink, titanium white, mixing, white, black,

    I painted a few portraits, landscapes and fun art on white canvas (purchased from the same stores).

    I painted different colour undercoats.

    Whilst painting, I noted that the pigment strength was somewhat weaker than Senneliar and Golden Acrylic paints and did not retain their colours well. Black remained dark but most of the colours faded into the background. Also, upon dilution, most paints broke up into fine grains, which is normal for acrylic but not at this concentration.

    Colour mixing did not produce colour gradients I’m used to and the darker paints dried fast.

    So, is it worthwhile purchasing general store acrylic paints?

    My opinion, general store paints are suitable for playing around with, but not for serious artists!

  • Do I need an Easel ?

    A few reasons:

    Easels enable the artist to sketch and paint on a variety of small and large surfaces at various angles. Typical surface are boards, paper, canvas, glass and metal sheets.

    Easels come in different shapes, sizes, and functionality of purpose, from A-Frames to Rectangular Frames. Some are designed for studio use, others for field use. Some are made for transportability, others for restoration work. There are desktop models and floor models. So choice can be somewhat overwhelming.


    An easel can be tilted at an angle, making it easier to draw without smudging your drawings. You can sit, stand and view a person, landscape, wild life, still life and sketch in real time.


    Working at an angle allows waterpaint to flow and create beautiful effects for background painting and landscape painting.

    Acrylics and Oil Painting

    One can sit, stand and view a person, landscape, wild life, still life and paint in real time.

    So, have your say, share your experiences and uses with easels for aspiring artists to learn from, by commenting below.

  • Underpainting

    I’m looking for some advice on underpainting.

    Does anyone have a specific strategy to start off a landscape painting? Do you layer colours upon colours? or do you simply paint the colours you see?

  • Choosing where to paint

    Inside or Outside?

  • Aradash Art Bundles

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  • Art Trends

    Have your say. What do you think about the future of traditional art.

    Has photography and digital art take over traditional art e.g. water, acrylic, oils, drawing, etc?

  • Who Am I ?

    My name is Colin van Blommestein (meaning “Bold Castle of Flowers”)

    I am an aspiring artist who discovered my artistic talents at a late age.

    I love the outdoors and people as well as experimenting with paints and media to create landscapes and portraits.

    Originally, a chemical research scientist, computer programmer, and businessman, I felt it only right to create an eCommerce website to fund my passion for art and create an environment for artists to grow their artistic passions.

    So, please feel free to share your thoughts and passions with us by clicking on a Blog Topic.

    A new page will load then comment in the ‘Comment’ block.

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