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Difference between Artist Quality and Student Grade Paints

Artist quality paints and student grade paints differ in their pigment quality, concentration, and binder quality.

Artist quality paints contain a higher pigment concentration, which makes the colours more vibrant and long-lasting. They also use high-quality pigments that are more lightfast, meaning they will resist fading over time. Artist quality paints use high-quality binders, such as linseed oil or acrylic polymer, which gives the paint a smoother consistency and allows it to adhere better to the canvas.

Student grade paints are made with a lower pigment concentration, which can make the colours appear more muted. The pigments used in student grade paints are often less expensive and not as lightfast as those used in artist quality paints. Student grade paints may also use lower-quality binders, which can result in a less smooth consistency and less adherence to the canvas.

Artist quality paints are a better choice for professional artists who are looking to create high-quality, long-lasting artwork.

Student grade paints are a more affordable option for beginners or hobbyists who are just starting out and may not need the same level of pigment quality or lightfastness.

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