Aradash Adventures Colin’s Public Art Gallery

Colin’s Public Art Gallery

Hi, I’m Colin van Blommestein,
an artist, scientist, explorer living in the UK. I just love the abundance of opportunities God has given me to copy & create the infinite canvases that around us. The fact we can paint and make things we cannot see astounds me! Like emotions, feelings, spiritual world, fragrances, atoms, people & animals who are no longer with us, etc. The sense of being able to express ourselves gives me true freedom. I just love it! Once I’m in the painting, time doesn’t exist. I become one with the painting. I’m old, I’m young, I’m happy, I’m angry, I’m in love, I’m sad, … who cares I’m in the moment. Please join my journeys on Instagram as colin_vanblommestein

Jesus Hominum Salvator – Statim Finis – 2020