Hi   I’m COLIN

 An entrepreneur, writer, scientist, artist & unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you experience different countries, cultures, ruins, animals, plants, etc. from your Mobile phone, Tablet and Desktop computer. 

So, our plan is to visit 10 countries and find out what makes people tick in different parts of the world.


We recognise that our major obstacle will be working capital, so I am embarking on a digital strategy to fund our adventures. 

Our Mission 

Our Goal is to travel to different countries, explore unique places, people, buildings, animals, etc and record our experiences by videoing, blogging and painting. The digitised experiences will be filed on safe storage systems and sold for profit.

Our Values

We are blessed that God has given us this opportunity to explore and adventure so late in our lives and shall willingly share our experiences with others. We will carry out our activities honesty, with respect for people, cultures, heritage, animals and the environments we come into contact with.

Our Proposed Journey

In order to understand other people, we need to establish where our ancestors were born and explore the people who live or who have lived in the area.

“My wife and I had our DNA analysed, so let’s see if there is a correlation to what we find”.

So, why take on this Adventure?

When Wendy & I received our DNA tests, it did not appear to correlate with what we already know. So the question is, what truth is there is DNA testing or is science wrong. Did we originate from another humanoid or animal?