About the Aradash Ltd company

Aradash Ltd is a leading UK online retailer of Art Supplies. We produce and sell artwork and supply original paintings, art prints, and art materials to the general public.

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About the business owner Managing Director: Colin van Blommestein,
Passionate portrait and landscape artist, scientist, explorer, athlete, family man, Business Entrepreneur

Residence: United Kingdom

Personal Note: I’m in awe with our natural surroundings and the fact that we can capture images, shapes, colours, emotions, feelings, spiritual figures, fragrances, atoms, people & animals who are no longer with us, etc.

The sense of being able to express ourselves gives me true freedom. Once I’m in the painting, time doesn’t exist. I become one with the painting. I’m old, I’m young, I’m happy, I’m angry, I’m in love, I’m sad, who cares I’m in the moment.

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‘We are all born different! Society tries to change that and make us all the same” cvb