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 I'm used to handling difficult situations but this one was a nightmare.

 I was a successful athlete, an academic, ran my own computer business but then I 
 decided to start a new career as an artist.
 My biggest frustration was to create portraits and landscapes with the correct perspective and accuracy.

 Earlier in my career, I placed a blank piece of canvas on our dining room table and sketched a portrait of my wife. Then, painted over the drawing with acrylic paint.
 This was a frustrating exercise since the canvas kept moving around. So, I fixed the canvas to the table with masking tape.
 I had just finished painting and my wife walked in and asked me to remove my artwork from the table. "Time to eat!" , she says

 Reluctantly, , I loosen the tape, pick up my painting and it slips out my hands and flips upside down onto the floor. I picked it up and my wife says "Is that supposed to be me?".

 I was offended, but then realised the angle I was working at created a distorted image coupled with a smudged image and a paint smear on the carpet.
 This was the point I knew I had to find a solution.

 After dinner, my wife and I sat down to watch a Bob Ross art painting program on TV.
 That is when things became clear. I had to use an easel to hold the canvas in the correct and fixed position!

 I watched eagerly, as Bob Ross stood upright and attached a canvas and then tilted it to the ideal position.
 He began effortlessly preparing the canvas and painted a scenery.
 All his painting tended to have the right perspective and looked so easy to do. 

 So, I followed his painting programs and purchased a Bob Ross easel. 
 Two years later, I'm still rolling out paintings on the easel.
 To find Bob Ross's easel and training programs, click on this link.

 It could make your art career more pleasant!

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