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Cheap Store Paints?

I was asked by one of our prospective customers:

“What is the difference between your paints and paints purchased from a general store?”

Well, I had not tested General Store paints and replied “I’m not sure, but as an artist I will test a few”

So, off I went to a few stores and purchased 10 acrylic paints

red, blue, green, yellow, brown, pink, titanium white, mixing, white, black,

I painted a few portraits, landscapes and fun art on white canvas (purchased from the same stores).

I painted different colour undercoats.

Whilst painting, I noted that the pigment strength was somewhat weaker than Senneliar and Golden Acrylic paints and did not retain their colours well. Black remained dark but most of the colours faded into the background. Also, upon dilution, most paints broke up into fine grains, which is normal for acrylic but not at this concentration.

Colour mixing did not produce colour gradients I’m used to and the darker paints dried fast.

So, is it worthwhile purchasing general store acrylic paints?

My opinion, general store paints are suitable for playing around with, but not for serious artists!

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  1. Sounds like the general store paints would be better suited to my young child. Thank you for experimenting with the paints to help with my decision making.

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